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Lakshmi (Name Changed), a student of class III in a government school of Vijaywada, was super happy to get a bench to sit on and she was elated in joy. The credit of her smile goes to Inner Wheel club of Vijaywada Mid Town, Vijaywada East and Eluru who took a great initiative to convert 8 government schools into Happy School. Babu Jagajeevan Ram Nagara Palaka Pratyeka Patasala, a government school of Vijaywada is amongst one of the 8 schools who got a Happy transformation

Babu Jagajeevan Ram Nagara Palaka Pratyeka Patasala was not always as good as it is right now. A while ago, toilet facilities for the school students were sorely lacking. Girls especially did not regularly attend class due to poor hygiene conditions. The school had no safe drinking water or adequate grounds for the children to exercise or play. Worse still, open defecation was also practiced around the school. These untenable conditions led to a grave increase in the school's dropout rate over time. Both school and students had given up hope, until a visit was made by the Inner Clubs of Vijaywada Mid Town, Vijaywada East and Eluru.

Like Babu Jagajeevan Ram Nagara Palaka Pratyeka Patasala, 8 other government schools of Vijaywada and Eluru were transformed into Happy Schools by these three Clubs.

Under the Happy School project the clubs provided Benches and Desks, Hand Washing Stations, Safe Drinking Water, renovated toilet for boys and girls, Uniforms and Shoes, Sports Equipment, Paint for School building to make it more attractive for students and also furniture for staff room.

Since the transformation, a number of positive changes have been seen at Babu Jagajeevan Ram Nagara Palaka Pratyeka Patasala, Vijayawada. Among other things, the number of children enrollment increased, retention went up from 51% to 80%. Now, animated and packed SMC meetings take place at the school on a regular basis, the teachers are confident and most importantly, the children enjoy coming to school to study and play with their friends.

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