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Congratulations to all the Rotary clubs for their overwhelming contributions to make this year's Nation Builder Award (NBA) successful.

7,199 Teachers have been awarded with the Nation Builder Awards throughout India as of October 2019. The numbers are still going up. Many clubs are still summing up the field work to complete the reporting process.

The philosophy behind the Nation Builder Awards is to recognize the immense contributions of teachers in building this incredible nation. After parents it's a teacher who leaves the most significant impression upon a child when s/he is growing up to become a responsible human being. Teachers not only provide us with information, but also expand our horizon of ideas and most importantly make us inquisitive about nature, society and science.

Teaching is a very demanding job and, teachers need to be recognized for their enormous efforts. NBA is a small step towards acknowledging efforts of the great teachers of Indian School System. The entire process of NBA also provides Rotary India Literacy India Mission (RILM) with valuable information about the needs for the teacher training vertical of RILM.

NBA is designed in a manner where both students and principal are involved in the process of assessment of the teachers. This makes NBA a very unique venture.

This year the entire process of NBA was done online via RILM website. A club member needed to register themselves on the RILM website and download prescribed formats to collect information from students and the principal. After collecting data from the schools, the uploaded information automatically gets calculated and, the website shows you the name of the teacher who receives the NBA. Then the club member can download the certificate along with a covering letter. To complete the reporting process, club members have taken pictures of the certification ceremony and uploaded the picture of the event on the RILM website. This entire process is done voluntarily by Rotary Club members to show their commitment towards recognizing the efforts of the teachers in building the country.

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