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Showcasing T-E-A-C-H projects at the Rotary International Convention's House of Friendship was a significant milestone for RILM this year.

The overwhelming response generated over the five days at Atlanta proved we are moving ahead in the right path. Termed as one of the best booth at HOF this year, the T-E-A-C-H stall was buzzing with senior Rotary Leadership and convention attendees.

The TEACH booth experienced many footfall of Rotarians from all around the world. They showed much interest in the TEACH program and also wanted to replicate it in their own country.

Praises poured in as well as visitors. With visitors from all over America, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. the TEACH program reached out to those who want to take up and implement it in areas where literacy is a big challenge. The visitors found the Happy School vertical of our TEACH program very interesting. The before and after pictures of one of the Happy School fascinated them and they were eager to contribute themselves in making a Happy School.

The Happy School vertical had the maximum takers, along with Adult Literacy and E-learning programs.

Seeing the response and praises from the visitors at this convention, it proved that this convention is an important foothold for Rotary India Literacy Mission.

We still have a long way to go to fulfill our mission of Total Literacy and Quality Education. We are hopeful that TEACH will lay the foundation for a revolution in the global education and Literacy.

Act now and join our cause

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