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Rotary India Literacy Mission is in discussion to collaborate with Department of Education, Govt. of Karnataka as Knowledge Partner to strengthen the quality of Education in Government schools by improving the infrastructure and the Quality of Education.

Work is already on with the Rotary Bangalore Orchards for collaborating with Department of Education to strengthen the quality of education in Government schools with three projects, i.e,

As expressed by Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary to Education Department, Govt. of Karnataka, infrastructural deficiencies in schools is a major concern. These deficiencies have turned out to be a huge deterrent for children to feel encouraged to attend schools. Studies show a strong correlation between good infrastructural facilities and better teaching practices by teachers due to increased motivation, improved learning outcomes and reduction in drop-out rates.

Out of the total budget allocated by Government of Karnataka on education, 90% is spent on salaries of teachers and staff, leaving only 10% of the remaining to be utilized for development and enhancement of quality of education and infrastructure in schools.

Thus, the Department has started inviting the private sector participation to extend their support to overcome the challenge for improving the quality of education in schools in Karnataka. We have identified one hundred and seventy-six (176) government schools across the State for the first phase of the project, and aim to make them models for the rest to follow.

Rotary India Literacy Mission along with Department of Education, Government of Karnataka has decided to flag off the collaboration by providing infrastructure, i.e., projector and computer which will enable imparting education to our students through digital medium.

All Deputy Directors of Public Instruction (India) for the state have been requested to write to The Chairman, Rotary India Literacy Mission to provide support for installing a projector and computer in Govt. funded schools, wherein the Rotary under their TEACH programme can bear 50% of the cost and rest 50% of the cost would be generated from the school grants. For the first phase of the collaboration, the target would be all High Schools which have a) enrolment more than 500 and b) uninterrupted power supply.

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