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In an interaction with Mr. Ashis Sarkar, Deputy Director of the T-E-A-C-H Program of RILM, 14 Clubs from different parts of the District attended a meeting to take the education program ahead in the district. Thorough discussion was held on "Asha Kiran"& "Adult Literacy" program. It was decided that RID 3262 will continue with T-E-A-C-H program and remain involved with RILM and that Asha Kiran will be one among the other priorities of the district and all clubs will mobilize support for sponsoring Asha Kiran Children.

It was suggested during the meeting that RILM takes up Asha Kiran Children from Odisha as much as possible and minimum 60% of total sponsored Asha Kiran Children will be from Odisha itself as per contribution of Orissa donors. Members present also agreed that if any club wants that Asha Kiran program be implemented in their revenue district itself then in order to make an Asha Kiran project viable a club/clubs of the revenue district has to contribute for minimum 300 Children.

Members agreed to go for 2,000 Asha Kiran Children from their district in the current Rotary year and RILM would start working as soon district makes the contribution. It was agreed upon that RILM will share intervention details with local Rotarians to be involved in Asha Kiran implementation by NGOs. Before recommending names of NGOs to RILM, Rotary members would do some basic fact checks on capacity and reputation of NGO.

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