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On 25th May, PRID Shekhar Mehta, Chair, Rotary India Literacy Mission, Dr. Aapga Singh, COO, RILM and Ms. Jhilam Roy Chowdhury, Deputy Director - Programs met Sri PrakashJavadekar, Minister, Human Resource Development to discuss further on the T-E-A-C-H program.

The initial conversation focused on Teacher Training, E-learning and Adult Literacy. Later, the conversation was only carried out on the E-learning program. After briefing the Minister about the E-Shiksha program, he invited Chair, RILM to the Operation Digital Board meeting which was convened at the ShastriBhawan.

At the Operation Digital Board meeting, the E-shiksha program was thoroughly discussed and a presentation was also made to apprise the attendees about the program.

Later that day, a similar discussion was held with Special Secretary- School Education Mrs. Reena Ray. She was enlightened about the T-E-A-C-H program and many valuable feedbacks were received from her. There was discussion on Adult literacy primer with the Special Secretary and she appreciated RILM's effort in creating them. She was convinced with the methodology of using the primers while teaching adult non-literates and requested RILM to send the tutorial video. She shared governments' plan to mobilize District Collectors to allocate money for adult literacy program. A kit worth RS 350 (including copy, pencil, eraser etc.) could be prepared and children should be encouraged to take up responsibility of teaching one adult each.

It was indeed a privilege for RILM to have such a fruitful discussion on T-E-A-C-H with Sri PrakashJavadekar and Ms. Reena Ray. Receiving such valuable feedback and appreciation about the T-E-A-C-H program from such stalwarts from the field of literacy is hopeful to bring great achievements as we move towards Total Literacy and Quality Education in India.

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