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Rotary India Literacy Mission joined hands with the Department of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh 23rd April, 2018. The partnership will focus on all aspects of T-E-A-C-H in government and government-aided schools.

Under the Teacher Support project, Commissioner of School Education (CSE) would prepare a plan with RILM to prepare master trainers for skill improvement of teachers. CSE would also impart training to all the teachers who require training through the master trainers so as to reach out to maximum numbers of teachers. The training organization will be identified by RILM.

In the E-learning project, CSE and RILM would work together to provided 45,000 government and government-aided schools of Andhra Pradesh. To begin with, CSE would share the list of 5,000 schools with RILM where E-learning facility (32 inches TV, android stick and content in Telegu, mapped as per state board) would be installed. For the Adult Literacy project, RILM would provide Diksha Primers in Telegu for the students to take up the Diksha project and CSE would allocate 15 marks under SUPW for the students opting for the project.

Under the Happy School project, RILM would establish libraries in the state where books will be provided free of cost by RILM to the schools and CSE would provide the required furniture for establishing libraries.

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