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Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) is the best thing that happened to India. Leaders in India realised that illiteracy was the root cause of all the woes of poor people of our country.

Is the government of India not doing anything for ensuring every person in India is literate? Of course. Ministry of HRD is doing everything under the sun to ensure that every child goes to school, every illiterate adult becomes literate, and teachers are given training in modern teaching and a lot more.

So Why RILM? The difference between the efforts of the Government and that of Rotarians is that the employees take up the programs of the government as a DUTY. Whereas Rotarians are taking up the program as their PASSION.

Can RILM alone eradicate illiteracy? NO Way. We know that this is a humungous task. We know that we can't do it alone. We are the thought leaders. We are not interested in taking all the credit as and when we achieve our goal of total literacy. Of Course we shall also take up the program ourselves. We shall also be concentrating on motivation everyone be it an individual, families, corporates, NGO's, Societies, Schools and Colleges to join us in this immediate need of the poor people of our country.
Every Rotary Club has been taking up some activity or the other under the programs of RILM i.e T-E-A-C-H. RILM has formalised all these programs. Its manual is the finest training literature any organisation can ever have. Along with the regular training of the key leaders the structure of the program is such that success is immediate. We have seen the results very quickly.

The government understood the benefit of our methodology and has come forward and requested us to collaborate with it in its massive mission. The Corporates have come forward and are supporting the program through their CSR funds.

In the past three years our achievements have been mind boggling.

Over 40,000 Teachers supported

Nearly 13,000 e-learning centers created

Nearly 77,000 adults made literate

Over 34,000 children sent back to school

Nearly 2,000 schools have been made Happy schools

We are continuing to motivate everyone to join hands with us and re write literacy history of India. During the Vedic Period, every India was literate. It was the golden period of India. Let's strive to lead India to its Glory by making every Indian a literate Indian.

Literacy leads to Awareness

Awareness leads to Opportunities

Opportunities lead to Success

Success leads to Happiness

Happiness leads to Peace.

"Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu"

Act now and join our cause