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The Teacher Support program

Our aim is to improve the professional abilities and performance of teachers in selected primary/elementary schools through better training and use of modern teaching aids, so as to enhance the learning outcomes of students.

Activities Under The Program

A. Training/ Re Training of Teachers :

Teacher training is the main focus of the entire Teacher Support vertical. The role of teachers in shaping the minds of the youth is undeniable. Teachers from government schools undergo pre service as well as in service training during their career. However, apart from this, regular workshops, seminars and training should be encouraged to enhance the capabilities of a teacher. There are various institutions that specialize in training teachers. Rotary India Literacy Mission’s Teacher Training program focuses on providing such facility to the government schools and government aided schools across India by collaborating with institutions that specialize in this.

To meet up the need of the day, Rotary India Literacy Mission has designed a robust platform to cater to the Blended Learning Approach for Online Teacher Training. Under the Rotary India Literacy Mission; the Online Teacher Training program aims to improve the professional abilities and performance of the teachers in an endeavor for their continued learning and development.

Teacher Training is a priority vertical of the T-E-A-C-H program, under Total Literacy and Quality Education in India. Teachers are the building blocks of a nation. They shape the future of the children and youth of the country.

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Teacher Training Topics
IT Skills for a Smart Teacher - Swati Herkal

B. Nation Builder Awards :

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognising outstanding teachers through the “Nation Builder Award”. Recognizing outstanding teachers instills them with renewed confidence and encourages them to perform better. It also gives an idea about the less effective teachers in the surveyed schools, who are later helped with training sessions and workshops to enhance their performance.

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Program Implementation :

For any queries write to : teachersupport@rotaryteach.org

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