Teacher Support

The Teacher Support Program

The aim of the Teacher Support program is to improve the professional skills and performance of teachers through training/re-training and recognition to outstanding teachers.

Training/Re-training instils confidence and strengthens skills in teachers which eventually lead to better performance in everyday classroom; it also reinforces teachers’ content knowledge and improves the learning outcome of the students. Recognising teachers for their outstanding contribution in shaping young minds boosts confidence in teachers.

Achievements: RILM have successfully trained 1,80,707 teachers with the proactive role of Rotary clubs around the country. Apart from training, 41,472 outstanding teachers have been recognised with the Nation Builder Awards.

Activities Under the Program

A. Training / Re-training of Teachers

Teacher training is the main focus of the entire Teacher Support vertical. The role of teachers in shaping the minds of the youth is undeniable. Teachers from government schools undergo pre-service as well as in-service training during their career. However, apart from this, regular workshops, seminars and training should be encouraged to enhance the capabilities of a teacher. There are various institutions that specialize in training teachers. Rotary India Literacy Mission's Teacher Training program focuses on providing such facility to the teachers of government schools and government aided schools across India by collaborating with institutions that specialize in this.

  • 21st Century Life Skills
  • Assessment in the class and Evaluation studies
  • Awareness about children with disabilities
  • Basic IT Skills for a SMART Teacher
  • Building relationships
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Classroom Transaction
  • Communicating effectively
  • Conscientiousness
  • Creative Pedagogy
  • Cyber Safety and Security
  • Demonstrating effective teaching behavior
  • Diversified Teacher Training
  • Empathy
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Human Rights
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Inclusive Education
  • Integration of ICT in Teaching-Learning and Assessment
  • Interactive Communication
  • Knowing the subject, understanding the teaching context
  • Language Skills
  • Leadership
  • Learning Skills-Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication
  • Life Skills- Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social
  • Literacy Skills- Information, Media, Technology
  • Monitoring teacher potential and performance Researching and contributing to the profession
  • Motivation
  • Non Violent Discipline (Curbing Corporal Punishment)
  • Openness
  • Perception & Attitude Building
  • Resilience
  • Simple lesson plan methodologies to impart advanced life and work skills
  • Strength based life coaching techniques
  • Subject Enrichment with emphasis on Mathematics and Science
  • Supporting and mentoring teachers
  • Teaching Pedagogy
  • Team Building
  • Teambuilding skills
  • Time Management
  • To maintain a safe, respectful culture in the classroom
  • Understanding how teachers learn – planning, managing and moderating teacher learning
  • Understanding the teaching context
  • Using differentiated teaching techniques
  • Physical Teacher Training

Teachers can be retrained through regular workshops, seminars to enhance their capabilities. Rotary Clubs and district may choose to undertake teacher training in collaboration with local self-governments. These teachers are from government and aided schools and often look forward to such refresher training to enhance their performance. RILM encourages the clubs to undertake such project with the training partners on board with RILM.

A teacher training program taken up independently by a Club maybe as follows:

  • Basic Training: 1 day training (RILM certification not available)
  • Intermediate Training: 2 days training
  • Advanced Training: More than 2 days training with a follow up

However to get recognized by RILM, a club should follow the RILM prescribed training structure which is the intermediate & advanced training. If it is not feasible to conduct training for 2 or more consecutive days, then the training with the same batch of teachers can be spread over a few months depending on the number of training days.

  • Online Teacher Training

Online Teacher Training seeks to provide rigorous personal and professional training to teachers in the most effective way possible, with a user-friendly platform where they can access the training materials at their convenience. With the unprecedented crisis due to the spread of the pandemic, learning has been impacted in multiple ways. However, it has also provided an opportunity for leveraging technology to ensure continuity of learning and development of our students and teachers.

To meet up the need of the day, Rotary India Literacy Mission has designed a robust platform to cater to the Blended Learning Approach for Online Teacher Training. Under the Rotary India Literacy Mission; the Online Teacher Training program aims to improve the professional abilities and performance of the teachers in an endeavor for their continued learning and development.

The Teacher Training aims to promote experiential and joyful learning across various departments of learning. Improvement in learning outcomes of the students. It will result in the creation of an enabling and enriching inclusive classroom environment, where teachers are trained and able to handle the social, emotional and psychological needs of the students. The Learning Design and Methodology will help to inculcate innovation and creativity in pedagogy.

  • An online teacher training can be conducted by any of the Training partners in collaboration with the local Rotary Clubs
  • The respective Rotary Club would Select topics and select training partners
  • Enroll local resource persons where applicable
  • The duration of OTT is based on the choices of courses

B. Nation Builder Award

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognising outstanding teachers through the "Nation Builder Award". Recognizing outstanding teachers instills them with renewed confidence and encourages them to perform better.

Nation Builder Award can be given out by following method:

  • Evaluation Method

Since inception, RILM had been implementing Nation Builder Award through the Evaluation Format where a Rotary Club visits Government/Government-aided schools and get its teachers evaluated by the school principals and students by filling up NBA Evaluation forms developed by RILM. These forms are eventually evaluated by the Rotary Clubs, and teachers receiving highest marks are felicitated with Nation Builder Award certificates which are auto-generated from RILM website.

  • Understand the evaluation process by downloading the three forms from the resources section of the website.
  • Identify a government school and seek consent from School Authority to conduct the evaluation.
  • The Principal/ Head Teacher and 10 students from each school to participate in the evaluation process.
  • Conduct Evaluation with NB 1.2 and NB 2.2 forms.
  • The evaluation process should be anonymous.
  • Compilation of marks in NB 3.2
  • Download all the forms, fill them in hard copies
  • Input the compiled data in the online form available on the portal
  • Felicitate the outstanding teachers with certificates on Teachers' Day, 5th September.
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