About RILM

Rotary in India through "Rotary India Literacy Mission" has embarked upon one of the most comprehensive programs on Total Literacy and Quality Education. This mission wishes to achieve the literacy goals through its comprehensive program called T-E-A-C-H :

  • T - Teacher Support
  • E - E-Learning
  • A - Adult Literacy
  • C - Child Development
  • H - Happy School

Each of these programs with specific focus is inter-linked with the others in objective and content, accompanied with improvement in learning outcome of primary education and spread of adult literacy in various parts of the country.

Understanding the enormity of the task, we have decided to adopt, in implementing T-E-A-C-H, a strategy of meaningful co-operation with all actors in the field, by forging strong partnerships with the Government, Corporate, National/ State specific Non-Governmental Organisations as well as international organisations working in various segments of this country wide endeavour.

What does T-E-A-C-H do?

  • Train and recognize outstanding teachers from Government & Government-aided schools
  • Establish E-Learning Centers in Government / Government-aided schools
  • Educate adult non-literates across the country
  • Send children back to school
  • Upgrading Government / Government-aided schools to Happy Schools to curtail student dropouts