My Asha Kiran Child

My Asha Kiran Child

The Child Development program also known as Asha Kiran...a ray of hope aims to send children back to school after required reading, learning and writing training at an Asha Kiran bridge course centre.

The program is implemented through the grass root level NGOs in support with RILM. Each child under the Program is sponsored by Rotarians from across the country.

To maintain the credibility of the program, RILM have carefully tagged each child with their donor so that each donor gets detailed activity update of their child or children.

Through this portal, any Donor can easily locate their sponsored child or children and view their details.

Search information


  • Type your Name or Mobile number or Email using which you have made your donations
  • Locate your name. Upon finding your name you will be able to view the number and the names of the children you have sponsored.
  • To know more details, you will have to log in through password which you will recieve upon registering yourself.