Misson & Vission

The RILM Mission and Vision

We are the Rotary India Literacy Mission, all Rotarians of India united by our Goal. Our Goal is Total Literacy and Quality Education.

We have set out, with our program T-E-A-C-H, to help ensure:

  • That every child in India goes to school;
  • That each school is a “Happy School”;
  • That each school teacher is well trained and her/his skills are continuously upgraded using modern technology;
  • That each student gets to see, hear, read and use high class learning material that helps her/him understand, question and find answers;
  • That each deprived child gets the same opportunity of education as her/his affluent friend;
  • That each adult acquires literacy, joins the formal stream and earns her/his living with honour; and
  • That each child or adult we help gets the confidence to make her/his own future and India’s future too!