About The Project

Widowhood in India has traditionally been associated with social stigma, discriminationand isolation, often subjecting the widows to grave economic deprivation. India is presently home to more than 46 million widows out of whom about 15 million widows live in abject poverty, thereby living asone of the most marginalized section of the society. Through this Skill Development project, Rotary India Literacy Mission aims to reach out to those widows, who have been subjected to social or economic discrimination and have been deprived from living their lives with independence and dignity, their unmarried daughters, as well as single mothers and support them by imparting effective training on mutually selected skills to increase their employability. It also seeks to create sustainable employment opportunities for the beneficiaries to empower them to attain a sustainable mean of livelihood for themselves and their dependent children. To create sustainable impact and reach out to the neediest candidates, RILM has joined hands with the Loomba Foundation. The Loomba Foundation has been actively advocating for widows’ right around the worldsince 1997 and has created livelihood opportunities for them through different projects.

Project Goal

To provide skill development training to 30,000 women (widows/unmarried daughters of widows/single mothers) between the ages 20-45 years, 1000 in each state, thereby support them by providing the scope to be trained on a mutually chosen skill or enhance an existing one. It also seeks to create employment opportunities for the beneficiaries in order tosupport them to ameliorate their socio-economic conditions.

Project Timeline

The entire project will cascade over 5 years in different phases. During each phase of this project RILM will focus on a specific geographical area for implementation. One implementation cycle will be completed in 9-12 months, depending on the training hours of the specific skill that a group of beneficiaries are being trained on.

Project Strategy

This project will be executed through Global Grants of The Rotary Foundation. It is aligned to the 'Economic and Community Development' area of focus of Rotary. A Host Club from India will implement this project with the support of RILM, an international partner and a training partner.

Project Implementation - Phase I

Location Rotary District Name of Host Rotary Club No. of Beneficiaries Status
Delhi 3012 RC Delhi Aspire 1100 Approved
West Bengal 3291 RC Mahanagar 1100 Approved
Maharastra 3142 RC Thane Northend 1100 Awaiting for Approval
Madhyapradesh 3040 RC Bhopal 650 Approved
Bihar 3250 RC Chanakya 570 Approved

For more details please write to skilldevelopment@rotaryteach.org or call – 033 2486 3434/35.