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Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) LAKSHYA SCHOLARSHIP powered by BYJU’S is an integrated scholarship opportunity for 3 years in the form of a license for the “Think & Learn Premium App” by BYJU’S. It aims to create a significant impact for deserving candidates across the country (for multiple national and state boards).

The scholarship provides the opportunity for students to get a platform for world-class online curriculum-based content for all boards from standard IV to XII. This powerful scholarship can only be provided through a Rotary Club, typically, one Rotary Club can take up one school as well as multiple schools. In rare cases, more than one Rotary Club can come together to provide the scholarship.

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The Lakshya Scholarship is being provided by BYJU'S. RILM and it's sister organizations are only facilitating the process.We are not responsible for the content or any issue that may arise because of BYJU's.