THE Happy School PROGRAM

The Happy School Program aims to provide/upgrade the infrastructural and co-scholastic facilities in state funded schools, to make them secure, attractive and happy learning places for students and teachers.

Achievements: 2,031 Government and Government-aided schools converted into Happy Schools.

Components under Happy School

  • Painted, well maintained and secure school building
  • Adequate and functional separate toilets for boys and girls
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Clean and adequate drinking water for both students and teachers
  • Library
  • Play material, games and sports equipment
  • Benches, desks for students
  • Well maintained space for teaching staff
  • Shoes and School Bags for students

Happy School Implementation

  • Decide the location & number of schools to be converted into Happy School.
  • For selecting a Happy School it is recommended that a Club surveys five Government/Government-aided primary or elementary schools, using the Comprehensive School Survey Form (Form No R1.1). Each surveyor will have to undertake a physical inspection of the school, have to take pictures of the existing condition of each facility/service and speak to the head teacher, SMC members, teachers and students to ascertain the condition of the facilities in the school.
  • Finalize the facilities to be provided in the School from the survey and ensure you have good quality pictures of these facilities.
  • If the school lacks 6 items, the Club is expected to provide for all 6. If the Club is not able / willing to take up all 6 items and wants to take up just 5, then it has to ensure that the school itself has either planned to or will soon provide for the remaining item in its School Development Plan. Thus Clubs are advised to coordinate with School Management Committee throughout the process.
  • Arrange for funding for the facilities to be provided and undertake execution of the project
  • Upload project details on website as in format of HS 2.1 along with good quality pictures

Ongoing Projects

Padho Bharat

Annapurna Project

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