RILM's E-learning program, E-Shiksha, aims at improving the teaching-learning experience through the use of curriculum based audio-visual modules in local languages.

The E-learning facility has reached 14,125 schools benefitting 28,25,000 children.

RILM E-Shiksha is an integrated solution consisting of an LCD projector loaded with the educational audio-visual software. It is a single classroom installation. The creation of a time table that denotes which class can use the facility at different time slots in the day ensures that all children in the school are able to benefit from the e-learning experience in some key subjects.


1. Audio-visual representation makes learning more interesting for students, thus ensuring greater attendance in school and increased attentiveness in class.
2. Concepts are clarified with greater ease and clarity, thus having an impact on learning outcome of the students in terms of improved retention, sharpened capacities for logical and critical thinking, improved language abilities etc.

For any queries write to : elearning@rotaryteach.org