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RILM's E-learning program, "E-Shiksha", aims at improving the teaching-learning experience through the use of curriculum based audio-visual modules in local languages in Govt. / Govt. aided schools.

"E-Shiksha" is the program is a single classroom installation in Government / aided schools which aims to improve the teaching-learning experience through an integrated solution consisting of a LCD projector / LED TV / Smart LED TV loaded with the educational audio-visual software mapped with State curriculum in local languages. Software content can be offline entrenched in a SD card / pen drive or online rooted to any educational application depending upon the requirement of the project.

Software :

Hardware :

To supply these items a group of respected companies / agenciesare selected as partners of RILM. A wide range of software and hardware related options are provided for the interested collaborators / partners, so that they can choose the appropriate of E-learning system according to their specific needs.

Benefits :

After CSR is mandatory in India many companies are looking for opportunities where their CSR related work will be visible. Providing E-learning to improve the facilities of school is one of the most visible projects that a company can directly implement / involved via an implementing agency. RILM is doing many such projects with corporates and, one such project is with State Bank of India (SBI) Foundation. Under this project E-learning systems are installed in 3 states, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and, Maharashtra: on-going.

RILM was also successfully joined hands with severalDepartment of Education of State Governments of India and, signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them for implementation E-learning program for schools. Total 121,772 E-learning systems to be installed in Government schools, in Gujarat 24,000, Maharashtra 18,510, Madhya Pradesh 15,000, Andhra Pradesh 45,000 and Punjab 19,272 schools.

For any queries write to : elearning@rotaryteach.org

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