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The E-Learning Program :

The E-learning program of Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), E-Shiksha, aims at improving the teaching-learning experience through the use of curriculum based audio-visual modules in local languages.

E-Shiksha program is a single classroom installation which aims to improve the teaching-learning experience through an integrated solution consisting of a LCD projector/LED TV/Smart LED TV loaded with the educational audio-visual software mapped with State curriculum in local languages. Software content can be offline entrenched in a SD card/pen drive or online rooted to any educational application.

Benefits :

Program implementation :

Checklist for Identifying schools for E-learning installation :

Program implementation :

Implementation of E-learning

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Steps of Program Implementation

Partners :

Government of Gurjat

Government of Maharashtra

Government of Madhya Pradesh

The State of India Foundation

Forms and formats :

For any queries write to : elearning@rotaryteach.org

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