The E-learning program of Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM): "E-Shiksha" is the program is a single classroom installation in Government/aided schools which aims to improve the teaching-learning experience through an integrated solution consisting of a LCD projector/LED TV/Smart LED TV loaded with the educational audio-visual software mapped with State curriculum in local languages. Software content can be offline entrenched in a SD card/pen drive or online rooted to any educational application depending upon the requirement of the project.

Achievements: The E-learning facility has reached 15,286 schools benefitting 2,212,200 children.

RILM E-Shiksha is an integrated solution consisting of an LCD projector loaded with the educational audio-visual software. It is a single classroom installation. The creation of a time table that denotes which class can use the facility at different time slots in the day ensures that all children in the school are able to benefit from the e-learning experience in some key subjects.

Benefits of E-Shiksha:

  • Audio-visual representation makes learning more interesting for students, thus ensuring greater attendance in school and increased attentiveness in class.
  • Concepts are clarified with greater ease and clarity, thus having an impact on learning outcome of the students in terms of improved retention, sharpened capacities for logical and critical thinking, improved language abilities etc.

Program Implementation

Checklist for Identifying schools for E-learning installation:

  • Government or Government-aided schools
  • Availability of electricity with multiple plug points or having solar power connection in a classroom dedicated for E-learning
  • Secured schools premises with at least one classroom with pucca/cemented construction and ceiling and walls intact
  • White wall/flex fit mounted on classroom wall (otherwise clubs must provision for the same)

Program Implementation

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications


Rotary India Literacy Mission had joined hands with Government of Gujarat to equip 24,000 schools of Gujarat with E-learning facility. Under this partnership, RILM will provide software for the hardware which has been already provided by the Government.

The project valued at Rs. 3.2 crore is estimated to benefit 36,00,000 students.
Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) launched E-Shiksha a digital learning program in collaboration with Government of Maharashtra on 19th January, 2018. Hon'ble HRD Minister Sri PrakashJavadekar inaugurated the project E-Shiksha which aims to equip 18,510 schools with E-learning facility.

The project valued at Rs.75 Crores will reach out to more than 4 million children of the state of Maharashtra. This project will be jointly implemented with the Department of School Education, Government of Maharashtra. 7 Rotary Districts and 5 Inner Wheel districts of Maharashtra will be involved in implementing the project. One set will be installed by school authority another will be by Rotary or Inner wheel club. E learning kit involves 32 inch smart television and Android box and /or PC stick in necessary. The cost of one unit is approximately Rs.23, 000. All these installations are to be completed in 3 years.
Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) entered into an agreement with RajyaSiksha Kendra (RSK), Government of Madhya Pradesh to install E-learning facilities in 15,000 government and government-aided schools in Madhya Pradesh. In 2,500 schools, where Government has already installed hardware, RSAS will install software module and in rest of the 12,500 schools, RSAS will install both hardware and software module.Training for 30,000 teachers, 2 from each school, on effective use of hardware and software module will be provided by the RILM.
SBI Foundation has joined hands with RILM to transform 310 schools into Digital Learning from 3 states, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. The TRIUMPH Foundation - a trust of Rotary club of Thane Hills is partnering with RILM in this project.

States and No. of Schools to be provided :

Maharashtra : E-learning kit to be provided in 118 schools
Karnataka- E-learning to be provided in 50 schools
Uttar Pradesh: E-learning kit to be provided in 142 schools

The project valued at 1.5 Crore is estimated to benefit 46,500 students.

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