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Comprehensive Survey Form
Form No.
Form Description
Comprehensive School Survey Form
Goal Forms - District 2020-21
Form No.
Form Description
Goal Sheet for Rotary Districts (2020-21)
Goal Forms - Club 2020-21
Form No.
Form Description
Goal Sheet for Rotary Clubs (2020-21)
T - Teacher Support
Form No.
Form Description
Teacher Training Grant Form
Sample consent form for Teacher Training
Pre Teacher Training Assessment Form
Post Teacher Training Assessment Form
Project Upload Form for Teacher Training
Teacher Support FAQ
Project Upload for Nation Builder
Evaluation Sheet to be filled by Students for "Nation Builder Award"
Evaluation Sheet to be filled by the Principal/Head Teacher for "Nation Builder Award"
Compilation Sheet for "Nation Builder Award"
Guidelines to implement the "Nation Builder Award"
Guidelines to implement the "Nation Builder Award 2020-21 (Recommendation process)"
Form No.
Form Description
Requirement letter from District Authority
Requirement letter from School Principal
Pre Installation Baseline Data for E-learning
Follow Up Visit Form- Rotarian and IW
Feedback Forms for Students
Feedback Forms for Teachers
Feedback Forms for Parents
E-learning Impact Assessment tool kit
E-learning School Survey Form
E-learning GG 1
Evaluation sheet for hardware
Evaluation sheet for software
E-learning FAQ
A - Adult Literacy
Form No.
Form Description
Learner Data Collection Form V.3
School Commitment Form DK 1.1
Student Volunteer Registration Form DK 3.1
Swabhimaan Baseline Survey Form SC 1.1
Swabhimaan Monitoring Visit Form (Rotarians) SC 3.1
Swabhimaan Centre Project Upload SC 4.1
Adult Literacy FAQ
C - Child Development
Form No.
Form Description
AKC Assessment Form with Guidelines
Asha Kiran approved children compilation form
Child Profile Card and Approval Consent
Mainstreaming Certificate Template (in school letter head)
Application for Support (Asha Kiran Proposal Template)
Application for Support (Asha Kiran Budget Template)
Child Development FAQ
H - Happy School
Form No.
Form Description
Grant Application Form for Happy School H.S 1.1
Project Upload Form for Happy Schools H.S 2.1
Monitoring Visit Form For Happy School H.S 3.1
Project Upload Form for Libray Creation H.S 4.1
Monitoring Visit Form For Library H.S 5.1
Padho Bharat Library Creation Offline Form with RILM Intervention
Happy School FAQ

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