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This project aims to promote education of out-of-school children, including those who are either differently-abled or otherwise at risk, by facilitating their access to mainstream State-funded primary/elementary schools so that they are enabled to complete studies up to class VIII.

The activity sets included in this project are:

  • Identifying out-of-school children, including
    • children at risk, like children of convicts, juvenile offenders, vagrant children, children of sex workers, children of migrant workers, victims of child labour practices, HIV positive children, children of HIV positive parents, orphans, homeless children, etc.,
    • differently-abled children like vision/hearing impaired, etc., and
    • other vulnerable children (though not at risk as above) who have never been to school or have dropped out or are only nominally on school rolls,
  • Facilitating formal education of such children by getting them admitted to mainstream State-funded schools after providing them necessary supplemental/non-formal education and,
  • Engaging in advocacy for (a) provision, in these schools, of statutory amenities based on the needs of such children by leveraging the RTE Act provisions, (b) promoting teacher sensitivity to the needs of these children and (c) appropriate teacher training for handling them.
  • Note: The activities described above may be undertaken directly or in partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already working with such children.
  • Providing scholarships to meritorious students from these groups as well as other socio-economically disadvantaged sections.”

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