Teacher Support

Training and recognising 5,000 outstanding teachers of primary / elementary schools across India during
2016 - 17.


Our aim is to improve the professional abilities and performance of teachers in selected primary/elementary schools through better training and use of modern teaching aids, so as to enhance the learning outcomes of students.


A. Training/ Re Training of Teachers :

Teacher training is the main focus of the entire Teacher Support vertical. The role of teachers in shaping the minds of the youth is undeniable. Teachers from government schools undergo pre service as well as in service training during their career. However, apart from this, regular workshops, seminars and training should be encouraged to enhance the capabilities of a teacher. There are various institutions that specialize in training teachers. Rotary India Literacy Mission’s Teacher Training program focuses on providing such facility to the government schools and government aided schools across India by collaborating with institutions that specialize in this.

Program Implementation :

  • Identify primary or elementary government/government aided schools requesting them to participate.
  • Arrange for interactive workshops may focus on effective innovative teaching methodology such as activity-based participative learning, e-learning, classroom management etc.
  • Encourage teachers to discuss the problems they face in teaching and collectively arrive at innovative solutions to improve the teaching-learning experience.

B. Nation Builder Awards :

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognising outstanding teachers through the “Nation Builder Award”. Recognizing outstanding teachers instills them with renewed confidence and encourages them to perform better. It also gives an idea about the less effective teachers in the surveyed schools, who are later helped with training sessions and workshops to enhance their performance.

Program Implementation

  • Understand the evaluation process by downloading the three forms from the resources section in the Member Zone of the website.
  • Identify a government school and seek consent from School Authority to conduct the evaluation.
  • The Principal/ Head Teacher and 10 students from each school to participate in the evaluation process.
  • Conduct Evaluation with NB 1.1 and NB 2.1 forms.
  • The evaluation process should be anonymous.
  • Compilation of marks in NB 3.1 / Online calculation.
  • Felicitating the outstanding teacher with certificates on Teachers' Day, 5th September.
  • Upload project details on RILM website.
  • Involve the less effective teachers in training workshops to enhance their competency.

C. Supplemental Teaching in Schools :

Often in Government/Government-Aided schools there is a severe dearth of teachers,as a result of which one teacher has to teach a number of subjects in which s/he is not specialized. This not only becomes hectic for the teacher but also the quality of education is compromised. The best possible solution to this is providing supplemental education in schools through volunteers.

Program Implementation

  • Select a Government/Government-aided primary or elementary school and speak to the Prinicipal to determine whether the school requires volunteer teachers to give   extra classes to students of various classes, to improve their academic performance.
  • Volunteer teacher should have a minimum educational qualification commensurate to the class s/he is teaching and be ready to provide the services for minimum 15 days.
  • Once volunteers are finalized, the Rotary Club may introduce him/her to the Head Teacher
  • Ensure that the volunteer teacher receives some orientation about the requirements of the students from the teachers and also from the School Management Committee.
  • The volunteer teacher may be encouraged to submit a report periodiocally to showcase his/her teaching experience.

D. Strengthening of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) :

Before the formation of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), teacher training in the area of elementary education was looked after by NCERT & SCERT at the National and State level. The establishment of DIET based on the recommendations of the National Education Policy, 1986, came into being to improve the role of teacher and thus influence the quality of education at the district level.

The chief purpose of this is to improve the learning achievements of students by :

  • Pre-service training i.e. to prepare teachers for the school system.
  • In-service training i.e. to improve the quality of existing school teachers.

Program Implementation

  • Visit a DIET after contacting the Principal with prior permission taken from the State Council of Educational Research and Training and knowledge of requisites on the areas     of improvement.
  • Detailed study of the DIET to be made with guidance from the T6 form designed for DIET survey (available in Resources under Teacher Support Vertical).
  • Assist the DIET in areas like improving the library or other infrastructural improvement.


7329 outstanding teachers have been recognised with the Nation Builder Awards.
12138 teachers have been trained with the proactive role of Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs around the country.

For any queries write to teachersupport@rotaryteach.org


Macmillan and Rotary India Literacy Mission has signed an agreement for the Teacher Support vertical of the TEACH program. The workshop would be for a minimum of two continuous working days.

What are the modules offered by Macmillan?

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Curriculm
  • Pedagogy
  • Language Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation Studies
  • Life Skills Education

The two day training will cover any one of the above mentioned modules. The selection of the modules can be done by the Rotary Club or by the teachers identified for the training.

What will Macmillan provide?

Macmillan will provide the following for the teachers who will undergo the training:
  • Resource person to conduct the training.
  • Necessary handouts
  • Stationary
  • Snacks.

What is the Role of Rotary Clubs?

  • Make a donation for the training.
  • Identify the teachers who would undergo the training.
  • Arrange a room with adequate facilities like chairs and tables where the training would take place.
  • Arrange a projector with screen and battery backup speakers
  • Arrange for a Blackboard/Whiteboard with chalk/markers.

Macmillan Fee Structure for a batch of 30 teachers
Sl. No.Duration of training Fee In Tier 1 and 2 cities for minimum of 30 teachers for 1 day Fee with Service Tax for 1 day Fee with Service Tax for 2 days Fee with 5% RILM admin Cost for 1 day Final Fee for 2 days
1 5 hours 15,000 17,250 34,500 18,000 36,000
2 8 hours 18,000 20,700 41,400 21,600 43,200

Sl. No.Duration of training Fee In Tier 3 cities for minimum of 30 teachers for 1 day Fee with Service Tax for 1 day Fee with 5% RILM admin Cost for 1 day Final Fee for 2 days
1 5 hours 20,000 23,000 24,000 48,000
2 8 hours 24,000 27,600 28,800 57,600

Contact Details:

Monica Sardaana
Number: 9971300346
British Council has entered into collaboration with RILM to provide teacher training to 100 teachers in the state of Tamil Nadu through its Connecting Classroom program.

What is the Connecting Classroom program?

The connecting classroom offers core skill development workshops to teachers. This program is of 4 days and is spread over a period of five months.

  • Session 1- Introduction to core skills (one day) - July 2016

  • All 100 teachers are required to come together for this session along with the principal of each school. Each school can send a minimum of 2 teachers.

  • Session 2 – Advance module focusing on one core skill (two days) – August 2016

  • After a gap of 2 weeks the 100 teachers come together. They are split into 2 groups based on the module they choose and two parallel workshops are held. This is an advanced module and is attended by teachers who will be implementing the action plan in the classroom. The principals need not attend this workshop.

  • Session 3- Core skills- Reflection (one day) - October 2016

  • After the advance module, the teachers go back to their respective schools to implement what they have learned. The teachers and Principals attend the final reflection workshop after 8-10 weeks.

What is the Role of Rotary Clubs?

  • Rotary Clubs will have to identify teachers from Government or Government-Aided schools and secure their commitment.
  • Rotary Clubs will ensure that the introduction to core skills workshop is attended by the principal.
  • Rotary Clubs will provide venue for the workshops.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has agreed to provide teacher training for Rotary India Literacy Mission free of cost. Royal Society of Chemistry that aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of Indian science teachers. They organize teacher training workshops where highly skilled Teacher Developers train science teachers and equip them with specialized knowledge in the most up to date active learning techniques.

This partnership is for all of India.

What will Royal Society of Chemistry provide?
  • 2 day Teacher training for science teachers
  • 3 resource materials for the teachers who undertake the training.
  • Certificates to all the teachers who attend the training

The aforementioned services will be provided free of cost. The remuneration and travel of the Teacher Developer who will take up the training will also be borne by RSC.

What is the role of Rotary/ Inner Wheel clubs ?

  • Identify Science teachers who will undergo the training.
  • Arrange the venue for the training- one of the participating schools could provide their classroom for the venue.
  • The Clubs will have to take care of the local hospitality of the trainers including food, accommodation and local conveyance.

Contact Details:

Ershad Abubacker
Number: 7406342718
RILM has entered into an agreement with Indian Career Education and Development Council (ICEDC) and Global Education Solutions (GES), who will provide teacher training and also equip the teachers with an online module which is a comprehensive inclusive career education module having self-assessment, goal setting tools along with details of lesson planning, classroom activities, labour market information.

This MoU is for the state of Maharashtra. Later we will expand this partnership to other states of India.

The training modules offered by ICEDC are as follows:
  • Strength based life coaching techniques
  • Using differentiated teaching techniques
  • Simple lesson plan methodologies to impart advanced life and work skills.

What will ICEDC provide ?

  • Conduct online Need Assessment of teachers
  • After this, one or more face to face training to be given to the teachers
  • Ensure mentoring of the teachers either online or telephonically.
  • To provide a certificate in Professional Development to all teachers who complete the training and the mentoring.
  • The teachers who go through the training will be provided with an online module which is a comprehensive inclusive career education module having self-assessment, goal setting tools along with details of lesson planning, classroom activities, labour market information.

What is the role of Rotary/ Inner Wheel clubs ?

  • Identify teachers who will undergo the training.
  • Act as facilitator between the teachers and ICEDC
  • Arrange the venue for the physical training.

RILM has forged a new partnership with Aspiring Persona, who will provide training to teachers on the following topics:
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Perception & Attitude Building

Each of the above topics will be covered in one day. Rotary and Inner Clubs are encouraged to take up at least 2 days of training with Aspiring Persona.

What is the role of Rotary/ Inner Wheel clubs ?

  • Identify teachers who will undergo the training.
  • Arrange the venue for the training- one of the participating schools could provide their classroom for the venue.
  • Raise a Service Order (SO) to avail services
  • Release payment to the training partner prior to the training.

Rs. 4000 per day for 4 hour training for a batch of 30-35 teachers. Rotary and Inner Clubs are encouraged to take up at least 2 days of training with Aspiring Persona.

Contact Details:

Sharbari Saha
Number: 9830558918
RILM has entered into an agreement with Zeal Education Trust, a leading educational consultancy working in Science, Maths and IT education. Their innovative “Third Way” workshops for teachers, student workshops, CSR programs and science and maths kits are very popular all over the country. They have agreed to provide one day training to government school teachers.

Role of Rotary Clubs:
  • Communicate to RILM to take up a training program.
  • Identification of the teachers for training.
  • Raise a Service Order (SO) to avail services
  • Release 50% of the fee to the Second Party prior to the training.
  • Arrange venue for the training.
  • Release final payment after the completion of the one day training workshop.

1 batch= 40 teachers, 1 day training
Teacher Training12,000
Resources and Materials250 per teacher

If needed, Travel, Lodging and Boarding expenses would either be arranged or paid as per actuals by the respective rotary club. It is suggested that travel up to 12 hours may be via train (up to 2AC), else flight may be availed, as mutually decided by Second Party and Rotary Club.

Contact Details:

B.R Sitaram
Number: 9825197619
Rotary India Literacy Mission has signed an agreement with Learning Links Foundation (LLF) on 10th December 2016 for training teachers all over India. The training session will be for 5 days covering the following categories:

  • Subject Enrichment
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment in the class
  • Classroom Transaction

What is the role of Rotary/Inner Wheel Clubs?

  • Communicate with RILM to take up a training program with LLF.
  • Raise a Service Order (SO) to avail services of LLF as per the fees mentioned below.
  • Prior to the training, release 50% of the fee to LLF.
  • After the completion of the 5 day training workshop, release final payment.
  • Coordinate with LLF in the identification of teachers.

1 batch= 30 teachers ,5 days training
Trainer cost for 6 days9,000
Content and material cost3,000
Refreshment cost of Teacher7,500
Travel to and Fro of teachers 15,000
Stay of Trainer for 6 days 9,000
DA of Trainer for 6 days6,000
Travel of Trainer ( local+ outstation)5,000
Program Manager and management Cost for 5 days 5,000
Government Liaosing 1,500
Internet 500

Contact Details:

Vinay Mehra
Number: 9811298685

Mrs. Vimala Oak is one of the select bands of science educators trained by Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) as a Teacher Developer (TD). She has trained about 600 participants in the last six months in the states of Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, and Orissa. Further for the past decade she has been active in the role of Teacher Trainer.
About the workshop:
• It will be a 2 day workshop with 20 teachers based on Royal Society of Chemistry’s Active Learning Techniques.
• The topics would be based on Science subjects.
Nitya Gopalakrishnan is working as an Educational Officer, Sikshan Bharathi, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Kochi Kendra.A Rotarian from RI Dist 3201, she has trained over 150 teachers in her district. Her focus is on creating awareness about the needs and requirements of children with special needs.She trains teachers in order to ensure mainstreaming and social integration of these children.
About the workshop:
• It will be a 1 or 2 day workshop with at least 20 teachers
• The training topics would include how to identify a child with special needs, the characteristics of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Downs, Hyper Activity, Learning Disability, symptoms and remedies etc.
Ms. Radhika Gupte is a Special Educator and has written a book on the subject. She has served as the principal of 'ASTITVA', an organization dedicated to the development of the disabled and is currently its Trustee. Hence she has 30 years of experience in working with children with special needs.
About the workshop:
• It will be a 1 or 2 day workshop with 30-40 teachers
• The training topics would include history and classification of Mental Retardation, its causes and prevention and various therapies.
• Identify at least 30-40 teachers from government / government-aided schools.
• Identify a venue for the workshop (one of the participating schools can provide one of its classrooms for venue) and make other necessary arrangements.
• Arrange for the travel and accommodation for the Resource Person (if required).