Adult Literacy


Under the Adult Literacy program 69,681 adults have been made literate through Diksha and Swabhimaan.

Our aim is to indentify adult (15+years) non-literate person in both rural and urban areas, and impart basic literacy to them through.

Provide opportunities for continuing education to such neo-literates and impart skill development training to them leveraging available government assistance.



In this approach student-volunteers from schools/colleges are engaged in providing functional literacy classes to non-literate adults (15+ age) over a period of 45-60 days. The learners are advised to appear for the NIOS examination at the end of the project, which takes place in March and August every year. On clearing the examination the learners are certified as functionally literate.

2. SWABHIMAAN – Dignity Through Education :

Swabhimaan envisions setting up of Adult Literacy Centres (ALC) in both rural and urban areas in a centralized location to impart functional literacy to non-literate adults (15+ years). Maximum 30 learners can be enrolled per batch and multiple batches can run in one ALC. The main resource for this intervention is the teacher, who has the sole responsibility of coordinating the project, tracking and reporting the progress of the learners. It can directly be implemented by Clubs or by NGOs identified by Clubs and/or RILMO.

The learners appear for the NIOS examination at the end of the course.

Basic Literacy Assessment under National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

The National Institute of Open schooling conducts a Basic Literacy Assessment every year in March and August. The learners enrolled in our Adult Literacy program appear this examination at the end of the literacy course. The learners need to be registered on the RILM website two months prior to the examiantion date. The learners are certified by the government as literate on clearing the Basic Literacy Assessment.


Upcoming NIOS examination in March, 2018.