Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) is body of all Rotarians from India, united by the goal of achieving Total Literacy and Quality Education. RILM wishes to achieve the literacy goals through its holistic program called T-E-A-C-H :

  • Teacher Support: That each school teacher is well trained and her/ his skills are continuously upgraded with modern technology.
  • E – Learning : That each student gets the best e-learning facilities in school for better learning and retention of knowledge.
  • Adult Literacy : That every adult is literate and earns his/her living with honour.
  • Child Development : That every child in India goes to school and gets the same opportunity of education as his/her affluent contemporary.
  • Happy Schools : That each school is a 'Happy School'.
Each of these programs has a specific focus and is interlinked with each other in achieving the common goal of bringing total literacy and improving the learning outcomes of primary education, in various parts of the country.

Understanding the enormity of the task, we have decided to adopt and implement through T-E-AC-H, a strategy of meaningful cooperation with all actors in the field, by forging strong partnerships with Government, Corporate, National/State specific Non-Governmental organizations as well as international organizations working in various segments of this countrywide endeavor.